Official Flag Days

Official, fixed flag flying days recognised in the UK are listed below. With regard to the Union Flag, in addition to the days shown, Government departments are now encouraged to fly the flag all year round.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport who look after this function advise:

"We encourage everyone to follow this example, to champion the Union flag and fly it daily as a symbol of national pride".

9 JanuaryBirthday of The Duchess of CambridgeUnion
20 January Birthday of The Countess of WessexUnion
26 January Australia DayAustralian
6 February Her Majesty's AccessionUnion
8 February New Zealand Commonwealth DayNew Zealand
19 February Birthday of Prince AndrewUnion
1 March St David's Day (Wales only)Wales Red Dragon
10 March Birthday of The Earl of WessexUnion
2nd Monday in March Commonwealth DayUnion
17 March St. Patrick's Day (in Northern Ireland only)St Patrick's Cross
21 April Birthday of Her Majesty The QueenUnion
23 April St George's Day (in England only)St George's Cross
5 May Europe DayEU
2 June Coronation DayUnion
10 June Birthday of The Duke of EdinburghUnion
June (As appointed) Official Celebration of Her Majesty's BirthdayUnion
21 June Birthday of The Duke of CambridgeUnion
1 July Canadian Domination DayCanadian
4 July USA Independence DayUSA
14 July Bastille DayFrench
17 July Birthday of The Duchess of CornwallUnion
15 August Birthday of The Princess RoyalUnion
15 September Birthday of Prince Harry of WalesUnion
21 October Trafalgar DayUnion
24 October United Nations DayUN
2nd Sunday in November      Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)Union
14 November Birthday of The Prince of WalesUnion
20 November Her Majesty's Wedding DayUnion
30 November St Andrew's Day (in Scotland only)Saltire, St Andrew's

The opening of a session of ParliamentUnion
The day of the prorogation of a session of The Houses of Parliament by Her MajestyUnion