Designing a Flag


Flags have moved from being a military, then National symbol, to something even commercial enterprises have. Why not design your own? Zephyr can print your flag for you and even has an online design tool to help you. Try it here:

Here is some advice to help you design your own flag:


Not all flags are rectangular. The Burgee is a triangular yachting flag with another triangular notch at the end. Traditional Chinese flags can look as if they are frayed at the edges by design. These edges are called 'flammules'. Traditional central european flags would have an extended top edge called a "Schwenkel".


It is wise to keep a flag design simple and graphic. Coats of Arms look great, but can merge into one if flown high up. A flag should be able to be recalled from the mind accurately and so simplicity and boldness, is key.


Avoid using lettering on the flag. Most flags are printed in a way that means the flag is seen in reverse on the rear. If you put copy, it will read backwards when viewed from the back.


When selecting colours, use the Pantone Matching System to accurately advise your supplier of the exact colours you require.

Keep the number of colours low to make the design graphically effective. Here are some of the influences colour relates to:
1 Black- determination, ethnic heritage, and/or defeating one's enemies.
2 Blue- freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism.
3 Green- the Earth, agriculture, fertility, and/or the Muslim religion.
4 Red- courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor.
5 White- peace, purity, snow, and/or innocence.
6 Yellow- the sun, wealth, and/or justice.

You may choose your colours because of existing relationships you have with them, black if you have black hair for example, or to represent a distinctive feature of your locality- white for the cliffs of Dover for instance.


Simple symbols can be affective - like the stars in the flag of the U.S.A. or Cross for Switzerland. Pick symbols that won't go out of date, so don't feature a car for instance as they will look very different in 50 years time!