Zephyr Flags and Banners - Environment

The management and staff of Zephyr have always shared a mutual concern for the local and global environment. We have worked hard to reduce our impact on our planet and we were first recognised for our environmental achievements in 1999, with a Northamptonshire business award for waste reduction.

It didn't stop there and we consider this an ongoing mission of continuous improvement.

To this end we have made the following changes...
A move from steel flagpoles to superior products made from one of the most abundant materials on our planet - aluminium.

The reduction of solvent based digital printing to eco-solvent and eventually water based and latex technologies for the production of non fabric based graphics.

Fabric offcuts from our production are sent to a recycling facility rather than landfill.

We will continue...
To offer water based digital dye sublimation as the real eco-conscious preference to solvent based print for fabric based imaging.

To employ local staff where possible to minimise the carbon footprint associated with getting to work.

To provide safe shelter at our premises for bicycles to encourage their choice for commuting.

We have made the following plans...
A scheduled move away from solvent based printing in any form.

To offer high recycled aggregate content, reduced concrete, flagpole footings.

As the company vehicle fleet is replaced, we will source the lowest practicable emission replacements.

As manufacturing equipment ends its duty cycle we will endeavour to transfer it to parties who can recycle its component parts.

We pledge
So often as consumers, we are given a 'Green' option at a premium price. We do not consider this acceptable and endeavour to incrementally reduce the environmental impact of everything we do, rather than offer a single 'Eco' alternative as a gesture to a 'Green' agenda.