For over two thousand years, people have banded together under a flag of unity of origin, belief or purpose. From their military beginnings, flags have been exploited as a focus of propaganda and as a demonstration of power. Today they can be seen outside not just seats of politics or military might, but sports venues and retailers, corporate headquarters and private homes. They remain one of the oldest forms of branding and are as effective today as they've always been, presenting your brand loudly, accurately and consistently to reflect your aims, endeavours and values.

Our aim, is to make Flags for everyone and over the last 50+ years we've done exactly that. We endeavour to be the best at what we do and to give real value to our customers. We pride ourselves in a quality of service and customer relationship that is truly built into our culture and not just a throwaway statement. We are committed to European manufacture, producing all of our graphics output at our Northamptonshire facility and investing heavily in display hardware production right here in the UK. Our impact on our community and our environment are considerations in everything we do.

It may not be easy to scientifically measure our success at all of the above, but there are some indicators... We have been the preferred, official supplier to the Ministry of Defence since 2008. We hold ISO9000 accreditation. We export our products worldwide and we've won awards for our environmental achievements. We've even held a world record.

We would like to work with you too, so come and see why Zephyr flies above the rest.

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